Hey NewGrounds!

So first semester is coming to a close, It's truly been a blast! Unfortunately I can't really afford University at the moment so I'll be taking a semester off. It's also a good opportunity to get closer to home and see my family and girlfriend so I'm not too bent out of shape about it. I also know that no matter where I am or what happens, I'll be okay and still achieve my goals.

Being at art college I haven't had time to work on silly cartoons as much as I'd hoped! However I did get to make a couple things that I was sufficiently proud of that I uploaded here to NG, some of which were shockingly unliked! But that's okay :) I'll make it up to you guys next time <3

SideNote: I'm hoping to start my own series sometime in the next year or two, but I certaintly don't have the following to allow me to not work and devote time to the project. I've considered Patreon but I doubt anyone would fund me..
Does anyone have any tips on getting more exposure on Youtube/NewGrounds? I'd love to know!
Otherwise I'll keep making tests and experimenting in different media :) Or work on my series but it'll come out dreadfully slow I fear..
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Here are some pieces I've done this year :) Feel free to read these if you want, otherwise just click those links and you'll be directed to each piece.

Drawing Methods Final: Watch Loop

This is actually one of my favorite things from this year that I just finished yesterday. The point of this project was to draw a new picture everyday for a month. While I saw alot of really great artists working their asses off on some amazing pieces. I think I made a good decision in picking to make every image a frame in a larger animation. Given I only had 30 frames, I decided to make a loop. "I thought it would be cool to animate a watch or any time telling device in a singular arcing motion. Each image represents time as experienced through different people's  eyes. The overarching theme is that though many people experience time, the properties remain the same, time will always move forward and the arc will continue indefinitely, (or in this case one minute.)"
Check it out on YouTube if it plays to fast on NewGrounds.

Here is an appropriation piece titled Ermine and the Lady

This project was interesting in that i've never appropriated anything before. I'm also a virgin to physical art. And by that I mean I've been digital since I was in fifth grade, so materials like oil paint, acrylics, sculpture, charcoal and even colored pencils were relatively new territory to me. Basically for this piece we were told to construct a photoshop element warping the meaning of the original piece, after that we would use graphite paper and trace our photoshop compilation onto canvas where we would then paint it. I'd reccomend giving it a shot if anyone has trouble painting from direct observation (We had to do it this way.)

Here is my first exploration with Colored Pencils

As I previously stated colored pencils embarrassingly weren't something I've had much experience with.. The cool thing about being digitally raised is most materials come intuitively once you've messed around on photoshop/corel painter long enough. The goal of this piece was to use two colors and their complementaries and a secondary tone of every color to build up value and saturation. We did something similar earlier in that class where we used EVERY color at our disposal to draw a single egg. However this project limited our color pallette.

Here is a charcoal piece titled Forced Hand

For this project we were given two days to create 15 small thumbnails, a larger study and this final piece. We were told to have it representative of a motif from our summer reading book "War Dances" by Sherman Alexie which you can view here. It's a collection of short stories and, though I didn't finish it, seems like a good read.
I chose a story where a young man breaks into the authors basement. The author screams at him to leave and the boy pauses and decides to charge the homeowner. The homeowner wields his sons minature baseball bat as a last warning and once the young man is in swinging range the man gives one lazy swing, killing the boy in a single strike.
The motif in my piece is "Forced Hand" and in it you can see the young boy forcing a trigger down as the man holding the weapon fights to keep it up. I feel that had the boy left through his entry way he wouldn't have suffered death, but his decision to rush an armed man was basically suicide.

Here are some charcoal nude drawings.

These were some of my actual first experiences with charcoal.

First attempts at 3D modelling (and painting.)
These aren't super great but it was my first attempt, better stuff in the future!


Demo Reel on Youtube

2015-10-22 10:12:01 by Jom

Hey everyone :)

I've recently uploaded my "Demo Reel." It's just a collection of scraps and toons I've accumulated over the past six years or so. I decided it was about time to put all of my old unfinished projects out for everyone to see so I don't always feel like I need to finish them. I'll be moving on to work on bigger and better things and I'm very excited about that :) Keep your eyes out for a pretty rad white board animation!

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Love you NewGrounds!!


I'm 18 WOO!

2015-07-09 01:06:30 by Jom

I'm old.


Accepted to CCAD

2015-03-11 10:37:52 by Jom

Well I got accepted to the college I wanted! 

I've been interested in going to Columbus College of Art and Design since my freshman year in highschool so I'm stoked as hell. I wasn't super happy with the work I submitted for my evidence of creativity, but i'm certaintly not complaining that I was accepted. My only problem is I'm a solid 724 miles away from my college of choice, so I may not get to visit during accepted students day, or I may not be going to Pico Day. Or neither quite honestly. Money's a bit tight at the moment, and I can't drive. It really sucks if I don't end up going to Pico Day moreso than accepted students day, I feel like i'm missing my only chance to meet my other family, and many artists I've looked up to for the entirety of my animation career. I'm hoping to get connected with the other students majoring in animation or illustration so even if I can't visit before the school year I won't be a complete stranger.

Fuck, I should have started this post with "Dear Diary."

Peace for now Newgrounds,

Where have I been?

2014-07-09 19:01:37 by Jom

Hey guys,

I know I haven't been incredibly active lately and for those of you who do follow me I'd like to just give my explanation. I've really been trying to make some nice shorts to put on my profile but I hit a bit of a road block. My laptop which i've used for the past 5 years is reaching it's last legs, honestly it could go any day now. That being said it's impossible for me to run flash or toonboom without turning it into a brick. It's sad to see it struggling like this, I've already made an appointment to euthenize it, nothing should live through this much pain so I think i'm doing the right thing.
Until then I'm just gonna be filling up sketch books for my portfolio, gotta build that shit up for college applications. Also i'm in the process of getting a regular job so I can help my parents buy a reliable computer that can render 3D.

If anyone else is looking for a new computer there's this website called GainSaver which helps you build a computer with the parts you want and cut costs where you can. 
Looking forward to when I can get back into animation, but this will be a great chance for me to get better at poses and human form.