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Making a Career out of YouTube?

2016-07-27 20:39:52 by Jom

Hey guys,

Some of you might know I've been out of college for 7 or 8 months after attending a single semester and have been a little bummed. 
I've been working a shitty job, I've done alot of small freelance gigs, submitted applications to a couple small studios, began helping with an indie movie, and have recently been doing some neat video work which is paying good but infrequently. I've been working really hard and while I'm proud of what I've done...

I'm not happy with where I am..

For the longest time I've thought YouTubers and popular NG animators were the coolest people ever.. Completely self made content creators who make their own schedule and have a club of people who love their content. And while I think I've got the skills to make some good cartoons, and have a backlog of scripts and material, for one reason or the other I always can't find the time, get worried people will hate my shit, or my mood changes and whatever drove me to work on the project in the first place is not there anymore.

But I've made the decision I'm going to give YouTube alot of my attention in the upcoming months and see if anything comes of it..

So I'm reaching out, if any of you guys have a decent sized channel and we mesh together well, would you be interested in collaborating? And do you have any tips or warnings for me going into this?
I'd love to hear anything you guys have to say!........ anything...

Alright peace for now little niglets..



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2016-07-27 22:09:38

only warning going into yt is its hard for animators seance yt catores to lets plays and quote on quote "reactors" and such. as a tip then try doing a parody of something it has better luck then original content, be propered nothing will come out of it sense yt works and just have fun with what you do, im sure you know this its just my opinion.

Jom responds:

Yeah it super sucks that longer videos over quality content is favored on youtube.. I'll honestly probably have to do a lot of speed drawing videos or Q/A's or anything to boost watch time.


2016-07-27 23:31:14

Focus on making short but quality content. Build up a collection over time, and have your business email in your contact page on YT. Over time people will contact you, at first there will be not so serious people, but eventually if keep at it, bigger companies and channels will contact you if they're looking for something different. That's my experience.

Jom responds:

Blordow! I love your work man, thanks for the tips!


2016-07-28 07:48:26

I wouldnt ever expect on your youtube revenue income to pay your bills. See, if one of your video's gets 1M views, it generates apx $700 of revenue, so if your rent is alone is $700 a month, you could see how this is a large order to fill.

Best thing is to try to land a studio job with the talents you show in your animated shorts. Demo reel material, keep making shit your proud of and everything should come together ok

Jom responds:

Hey David!
Yeah it's definitely a large order to fill.. I guess for now I'm just hoping to replace my shitty $9/hour job with something animations related whatever that may be, and for now it seems like it's worth a shot.
But I'll definitely be focused on trying to land a studio job in the long term.
Thanks for the awesome advice, I appreciate it.


2016-07-28 11:36:33

There are certain ways to live off of animation as a contractor. https://www.youtube.com/user/TotallyTristan is a user from Newgrounds who tapped the hip hop music video scene and got paid to do a bunch of animated music videos for rappers. Lots of people are willing to pay to get an animation done for a specific purpose, you just need to find them.

Youtube used to be lucrative for animation, but they changed the way revenue worked which resulted in quantity being favored in terms of quality (hence let's plays). You should still upload your stuff to a youtube page, as it's the best platform to share your videos on at the moment (besides newgrounds :D ), but probably the best way to get income is to contact people asking if they'd be interested in an animated music video for something. Consider music artists, people with political campaigns, documentary workers..the situations are endless.

I personally believe that with the more dedication you put into your goal, it will happen. Just keep up the hustle and you will see results.


2016-07-28 18:59:44

YT's crazy payment system kind of sucks for animators because we can't upload content as frequently as the guys who are just posting videos 5 times a week, so I would suggest having additional content to pad out your page more, like maybe tutorials or drawing process videos or even just videos of yourself talking about animation and stuff. It's hard work, but it's definitely doable, you just have to stick with it and focus on building your fanbase.


2016-07-29 06:31:30

Youtube will not support you. They encourage users in their guidelines to upload at least one video a week with a runtime of 10+ minutes. If Youtube won't support quality content, then why bother?
You should upload to Youtube occasionally for fun, but never expect it to put food on the table. You're better off working in a studio.


2016-07-29 11:02:16

YouTube is fuckin' brutal to animators. But now, they have a system in which the longer the video, the more revenue. I haven't been using this particularly. My YT videos are usually one to five minutes long at most. I am going to try to upload longer things, and you should try too. It gets you money, and I'm sure we all love money. Also, I tried doing a thing for 2 weeks where I would upload 2 animations a day. It wasn't that hard considering I stockpiled them through the year, but I would try doing that. All you have to do is upload somewhere around a 10-30 second video every day, and you'll get more rev, considering you upload more. This is an easy way to make money with no job. I hope I could be of any help to you.


2016-08-31 22:58:48

Be a freelancer, branch out to local small businesses in your area. It sounds like you're already doing that to some extent.

YouTube may be useful to you, but don't let that be your sole goal. Maybe a side-gig or something, but it would take too long to build up to anything worthy immediately, and certainly not something to pay your bills right off. That being said, everyone starts somewhere, and all the successful people you look up to started off where you're at now. If you don't go, you'll never get there.

I've been out of college for years and have muddled around trying to figure out what I want to do, what my next steps are. Then this year after some discussions and some classes, I decided I'm going to go ahead and shoot for an older idea -- starting a business. It's going to help me build my talents, be my own boss, and do what I want. And if it fails, at least I tried. I'll never wonder what could have become of it.

So yeah, just feign confidence and put yourself out there. You need to set that fear and uncertainty aside, man!